The range of applications is increasing for portables in terms of meeting specific application criteria. This means customers are demanding a specifically designed product that more closely meets their needs. Here is one example of a specialized utility product. The Attic Master is portable with high static airflow. Designed to have an extremely small footprint, the KAM14 is ideal for spot cooling people and/or equipment in high ambient environments, specifically attics and crawl spaces.

For example, if a person needs to work in a crawl space, underground, in a closet, airplane, engine room, etc. These are spaces not well suited for a spot cooler. This unit will push the air from the next room, the ground, around the corner, or outside the door, and it will be just as strong as if it were in the room with them.

The Attic Master is one of the leading products in Kwikool’s Indoor/Outdoor Series. Customers are demanding a specifically designed product that more closely meets their needs. Kwikool offers 50+ portable spot cooling systems for every scenario. All Kwikool products are manufactured right here in Texas.

The Attic Master is your solution for hard-to-reach high ambient temperature environments.


  • Moves cool air up to 90′.
  • It comes with one 30′ length of Kwikool patented durable insulated non-sweating duct.
  • The Attic Master can handle up to 1.1-Ton of Cool Air.
  • Powered by a 115V/15Amp with a 50′ power cord for easy plug and play set-up.
  • Attic Master is designed for utility and easy maneuvering.  Its ergonomic design will make light work of your tasks, featuring swivel wheels up front, and a sturdy handle for ease of movement and plenty of reach around corners.