Information technology managers with budget or flexibility issues need affordable air conditioning option to cool high heat load server rooms. Iceberg models by KwiKool can be used for primary and off-hours operations, or for emergency backup capability. The Iceberg series offers the only effective high tech solution through its balanced air pressure system, which precisely matches air conditioning capacity to heat load. Iceberg models are fully self-contained portable air conditioners with features and refrigeration controls ideal for properly cooling these high tech environments. The Iceberg Series offers 22 different models from 1 to 10-Tons of capacity in air-cooled (KIB – available for rent or purchase) and water-cooled (KWIB – available for purchase only) units, which will solve most server room air conditioning problems. The KIB air-cooled models are the most commonly installed units, which move heat load from the space being cooled to the area above the ceiling. The KWIB water-cooled models require a circulating water system, such as a cooling tower or chilled water, which eliminates the need for ducting. However, using tap water for the water-cooled models is not recommended, due to the high water usage.