KCA6043 | 60,000 BTU (5-ton) | 460V / 30 Amp | Three Phase


List Price $11,595.00

60,000 btuh (5-ton)



  • Compact yet Super Powerful

  • THD Technology (some models)

  • Direct Drive Blowers for Maintenance Free Use


The Model KCA6043 (nominal 5-ton or 60,000 BTU) is in The Ceiling Master Series, KwiKool’s Permanent Line of Above-Ceiling Mounted units. With its no frills features, high sensible cooling, and extremely small size, the KCA6043 is the perfect solution for cooling small server and IDF rooms, especially when floor space is limited. The Ceiling Master Series, KCA air-cooled models, perform and out last the competition with its small size, high efficiency, and lower cost.
The built-in mounting supports on the unit’s base allow for easy installation by a qualified mechanical contractor above a drop ceiling, using standard, off-the-shelf hardware. KwiKool’s self-contained design also eliminates the need for refrigerant connections, further reducing installation costs. All Ceiling Master Series units come with three mounted flanges, which allow duct connection for hot air exhaust, and cold air supply and return. The KCA6043 runs on a standard 460-volt/30-amp 3-phase circuit and uses any 20-volt thermostat. The condenser is powered using direct drive motors, eliminating any belt maintenance. The unit also comes with an internal high lift condensate pump.

And, KwiKool products are proudly MADE IN AMERICA.


Cooling Capacity

BTU/hr @ 95F at 60% RH – 60,000 (5-ton)

Compressor Data

Compressor Type – Hermetic Reciprocating
Operating Temperatures – 60-95 F 50%RH
Refrigerant – 407C

Fan Data Evaporator

Fan Type (Centrifugal) – Direct Drive
Air Flow (CFM) – 2000
Cold Air Supply – 14″ Collar
Cold Air Return – 20″ Collar

Fan Data Condenser

Operating Temperatures – 60-105 F 50%RH
Fan Type (Centrifugal) – THD Direct Drive
Air Flow (CFM) – 3500
Condenser Duct Outlet Flange – 16″ Collar
Condenser Duct Max. Length – 65′

Electrical Data

Power Supply (Volts) – 460/Three Phase
Current Consumption (Amps) – 14.8
Power Consumption (kW) – 10.6
Maximum Circuit Breaker (Amps) – 30
Recommended Breaker Size (Amps) – 20
Minimum Circuit Ampacity (Amps) – 17.8
Min./Max. Voltage – 420-500

Dimensional Data

Width x Depth x Height (Inches) – 24″ x 57.5″ x 25″ (without mounting feet)
Weight (Lbs.) – 435
Shipping Weight (Lbs.) – 483

Safety Device Data

Compressor Overload – Internal
Fan Motor Overload – Automatic Internal
Evaporator Freeze Protection – Hot Gas Bypass
High Pressure Switch – Manual
Low Pressure Switch – Automatic
Compressor Short Cycle – Yes
Automatic Restart – Yes
Thermostat Type – Customer Supplied
Condensate Pump Overflow – Yes
Internal Condensate Pump – Internal High Lift 20′ of Head
Fire Alarm Control Safety Shutoff – Yes
Alarm Output for Building Automation – Yes