Who We Are

Portable Cooling Systems has been serving the Houston, Texas, market since 1997. Our location, just outside 69 South (Southwest Freeway) and the Sam Houston Tollway in Stafford, provides timely deliveries anywhere in the city. Because KwiKool products are manufactured in Houston, Texas, we can get almost any product in no time since we are located in the same city.  You will also be receiving local factory support due to out proximity to the KwiKool factory.


A majority of the equipment we sell and rent is designed for easy plug & play installation to be used on the most common requested applications. However, we can handle even the most difficult applications that you might have or that might arise. Our application experts can recommend the right mix of equipment to cool almost any application including those that run 20, 30, 50 or more tons. With the unique KPO Indoor/Outdoor models, we can provide cooling where no one has been able to do before, such as on a middle floor of a high-rise building.


Additionally, if we spec out the equipment to do the job…..we guarantee that it will work.

Our Philosophy

Integrity, Value, Service. It’s all about the CUSTOMER!

Goals & Values

  • Provide real 24/7 service.
  • Delivery within 2 hours if at all possible.
  • Know the application and make sure the equipment is right for the job.
  • We do not just deliver the equipment…we INSTALL it and make sure it works.
  • Inform the customer of the realistic capabilities of the equipment that we provide. We truly care if it will work.
  • Have the integrity and tell the customer when our equipment will not do what they need it to do.